There is room

So, the world is a pretty big place, and there is lots of room in it.

There is room for people who write novels, and those who just write tweets.

There is room for professional photographers, and room for obsessive Instagrammers.

There is room for whimsy, seriousness, and dark comedy.

There is room for deliberation, and room for apathetic dismissal.

There is room for art, and room for “content”.

There is room for depth and shallowness and every level in between.

There is room for people who won’t care about anything I just wrote!

There is room for disagreement.

And that’s pretty cool.

pigeons ahoy!

There is also room for many, many pigeons.

3 thoughts on “There is room

  1. Wise words, and something that a lot of people would benefit from hearing every now and then. That’s why I think extremists are really missing out with narrow-mindedness… but then, there’s room for extremists, too. :)

    • There’s room for extremists, somewhere out there… ideally, they could all be in a big room together and argue all day with each other and leave the rest of us alone ;D Whoops, did I say that out loud?

      And thanks for letting me know about Bloglovin’! That is super weird, since I do have a working RSS feed. Booo. I got in touch with them so we’ll see what happens!

  2. P.S. When I try to add you on Bloglovin’, it can’t find you. I find that strange since you don’t have to register your site there for it to show up, but maybe that would do the trick? Just sayin’.

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