Last monthly wallpaper: December!


And, here we are! The year’s almost over, and my monthly wallpaper series is now at an end. I’m sorry I’m late in getting it out this month, but I started December off with some mysterious fevery sickness, and sleeping all day and drinking massive amounts of tea seemed like a better idea than making a wallpaper at the time. This wallpaper is a bit different from the rest of the series because it’s predominantly dark, but that suits December perfectly since this is the month that contains the shortest day of the year (aka the Winter Solstice).

Usually I use old public domain illustrations in my wallpapers, but this time I went for something a little different and used some photography instead! These snowflakes are photographs taken by a farmer/photographer named Winston Bentley around the turn of the (last) century. How cool! I’m a big fan of the public domain, since it allows people to access and creatively remix all sorts of interesting works. I think that having free access to these works is really important, and I’m glad that it exists.


Desktop (2560 x 1440) • Tablet (2048 x 2048) • Mobile (744 x 1392)

(They’re sized for a 27″ iMac, a retina iPad, and an iPhone 5(/5S/5C) running iOS 7, respectively, but they should all work for smaller devices, too.)

But wait… there’s more! I’ll be posting a follow-up to my post on developing locally within the week. Stay tuned!