Kind words from fantastic clients

I’m lucky to have worked with some great people, and here’s what some of them have to say about working with me!

Danielle WrightI am so thrilled with my beautiful and functional site. I really dreaded doing a site because it seemed bigger than Ben Hur, but you broke it down in parts to make it easier for me to focus on the task at hand. I am very happy and proud of my site. Bravo!

Danielle Wright, Author of Sleepy Magic

josh-garofalo-150There are two kinds of designers in this world: those who cost you money, and those who make you money. Dara makes you money. She focuses on using web design to help you achieve business goals such as more leads and clients. She doesn’t get caught up in trends or making things look ‘pretty’ (your site will be pretty, though!). And the amazing thing about her custom themes is that you can easily drag and drop the modules she designs to create new pages as your business grows. You won’t need to run back to Dara (and your bank account) every time you want to make a change. Highly recommended!

Josh Garofalo, Conversion Copywriter at Sway Copy

Melissa Cassera**Throws Confetti** Dara is AMAZING!! Hands-down the best developer I’ve ever worked with. She made every single step feel easy breezy + pleasurable. Working with her was like eating a salted caramel brownie dripping with hot fudge and topped with melty vanilla ice cream! Not only does she do excellent work but she actually TESTS everything before sending it to you. Shockingly, I have never had a developer do this before. I ADORE Dara and wish I could have her live in my pocket, 24/7 (in a totally non-creepy way, of course!)

Melissa Cassera

Krystle LilliestiernaWe just launched our new site and I’m already thinking about future projects that I’d like to tag Dara to work on. Her ninja development skills, attention to detail and enthusiasm to tackle every challenge thrown her way, have convinced me that I only want to work with her.

Krystle Lilliestierna, Founder of Organized Creatives

Erin AnackerWith an extensive background in web design / development, my standards and expectations are extremely high. However, Dara is incredibly talented and hiring her was the best thing ever. She approaches her work with a microscopic attention to detail and insatiable curiosity. I absolutely loved working with her and felt safe—even excited—handing over the development of my site to her.

Erin Anacker, People Enthusiast at Betwixt

Chris Kay Fraser Dara has flown to my web-rescue umpteenth times in the past few years. Her work is incredibly professional, quick and stylish. She’s a wonderful communicator and never makes me feel dumb for having SO many questions.

If she doesn’t know how to do something, she learns it fast. My site has gone through big growing pains during this time, but there hasn’t been anything Dara couldn’t fix. Knowing she’s there lets me relax and use my energy actually running my business, instead of navigating a constant internet learning curve. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

It’s entirely possible that Dara wears a cape. If she doesn’t, she should.

Chris Kay Fraser, Creative Writing Coach at Firefly Creative Writing

Marissa StrasselWe love working with Dara on our website projects. She’s resourceful, organized and responsive. As a designer, I appreciate her eye for clean aesthetics and her attention to detail. Site backends are intuitive and easy to work with making website updates a breeze. I look forward to working with her again.

Marissa Strassel, Owner + Creative Director, Strassel Creative

Amanda Genther You were a dream to work with, you made everything come to life just how I had imagined and best of all… you took a task off of my list that I absolutely DREAD doing! You were able to really easily translate the design into a finished live piece and it looks amazing!

Amanda Genther, Branding & Promotional Strategist for Creative Online Businesses

I wanted to tell you that you have been – hands down – the best developer I have ever worked with. You seemed to anticipate our needs, and met every expectation we had. I’ve worked with so many programs (Joomla, WP, Drupal) and so many developers, but you really showed me the true capabilities of WordPress.

Stacy Bradshaw, Digital Trend Specialist

Dara designed and built exactly what I asked for: a clean-looking, professional website for my law practice. Her initial design was very good and she was responsive in making the minor tweaks to finish the site. Thanks, Dara!

Ken Morris, Lawyer at Morris Litigation