Selected Development Portfolio

  • SHOEBOX Audiometry

    Designed by: SHOEBOX Audiometry

    SHOEBOX are makers of the world’s first easy-to-use, autdomated, iPad audiometer, and they believe that everyone deserves access to hearing healthcare.

  • Jenn Hicks

    Designed by: Rebecca Pollock

    Jenn Hicks is a Nia instructor and speech-language pathologist who enhances mind & body communication in people ready for a life of fun and vitality.

  • Boydell Global

    Designed by: Me

    Michael Boydell is an internationally renowned advisor to some of the world’s top performing CEOs, leaders, and teams.

  • The Dragontree

    Designed by: Sara Berkes Creative

    The Dragontree has been named one of the best spas in the United States, and their apothecary and lifestyle products are carried by leading practitioners, spas, and major retailers around the country.

  • The Breakaway Initiative

    Designed by: Rowan Made

    The Breakaway Initiative works with non-profit organizations to craft solutions which enables them to more effectively connect with their constituents and grow the way they help their community.

  • Wendy Conquest

    Designed by: Me

    Wendy Conquest is a psychotherapist, trainer, and author who specializes in sex addiction, love addiction, pornography addiction, infidelity and partner trauma.

  • Happy Muses

    Designed by: Happy Muses

    Happy Muses is about celebrating the muse within. It’s about pursuing a life that honors curiosity, failure, adventure and joy and being inspired by our own unique life stories.

  • Meadow Brook Hall

    Designed by: Marsch Creative

    Built between 1926 and 1929, Meadow Brook represents one of the finest examples of Tudor-revival architecture in America.

  • Life Science Editors

    Designed by: Me

    Life Science Editors’ mission is to break down barriers that keep scientists from realizing their full potential.

  • Cervivor

    Designed by: Rebecca Pollock

    Cervivor is a community, a learning tool, an advocacy resource, an online retreat, and a movement to end cervical cancer.

  • Sway Copy

    Designed by: Me

    Sway Copy helps SaaS companies generate more leads, acquire more paying customers, reduce churn, increase avg. deal size, and earn more referrals.

  • EQO37

    Designed by: Strassel Creative

    EQO37 is a social enterprise and global online resource providing insight from news, research and personal stories to highlight how gender inequality continues to exist and explore possible solutions.

  • Danielle Dowling

    Designed by: Rebecca Pollock

    Danielle Dowling is a life coach in Los Angeles pursuing soul-alignment through mentoring and speaking throughout the wellness community.

  • Jen Ziegler

    Designed by: The Design Truth

    Jen Ziegler shares her passion for real estate with her clients to ensure they make the best financial decisions for their families’ future.

  • Toronto Kiss Map

    Designed by: Me

    Dreamed up by Chris Kay Fraser from Firefly Creative Writing, the Toronto Kiss Map helps to create a new story of our town one kiss at a time.

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