Custom, handcrafted websites

So you know you need a website, and you want it to be amazing. It should look and feel like you, be really easy for visitors to use and understand, and be simple for you to update and maintain.

Undertaking the creation or redesign of a website can seem overwhelming, but it definitely doesn’t need to be. When we work together on a custom website, I’ll take care of the whole process right from the beginning and through to the final launch.

Every site I build is…

  • Completely custom designed and coded. I don’t base my designs or code on any templates or frameworks because everything I build is specifically with you in mind. No cookie-cutter stuff here!
  • Built to shine in all modern browsers and across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. People are accessing websites from all sorts of places today and your website should look and feel excellent and polished everywhere. I specialize in responsive design — try resizing this site to see what I mean.
  • Super easy to update and maintain without having to know any code yourself. I build most websites with WordPress, which is incredibly easy to use if it’s set up properly.
  • Not just pretty (though it will be pretty, of course); every website I create is designed strategically to achieve your specific business goals. Investing in a new website is a big deal and I want you to get the most out of it! (Don’t know what your goals are yet? Don’t worry, I can help you figure ’em out.)

Sound like a plan?

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Development for designers

Have an awesome design and want to partner with someone to bring it to life?

I have a really strong background in front-end development (in fact, I worked exclusively as a developer for over a year at my last job) and enjoy taking on coding-only projects. As someone who also designs, I’m a great person to partner with because I understand and appreciate design and will work with you to build a really polished finished product that will delight both you and your client!

I specialize in…

  • Custom WordPress theme development — both front-end and back-end. That means that I develop both the theme that people see when they visit the site, and the back-end that the site owner uses to update their website to make it super easy to keep up to date. With the help of custom post types, fields, and functions, I can make WordPress do all sorts of things!
  • Responsive development — building websites that adapt to screens of all different sizes. I believe in fluid layouts and measurement units (yes, I’ve finally fully embraced ems and percentages over pixels), layout-specific breakpoints, and retina assets (because fuzzy websites make me sad).
  • Clean, efficient, semantic code. I think long and hard about how to make my code as lean, logical, and reusable as possible. This also has a few nice side effects, like making sites more search-engine friendly and accessible.
  • Writing well-organized jQuery and JavaScript.
  • Using Haml and Sass whenever I can, because they’re way more fun to write than plan ol’ HTML and CSS (though I do lots of that, too).

Excited to work together to bring your design to life?

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