That time I took a “trip” to New York






Friends, this is what happens when you take a bunch of photos with slide film, accidentally set your camera to the wrong ISO setting for the entire roll (luckily it wasn’t too far off), leave the completed roll of film on your desk for over a year and forget about its existence, and then (finally) stop neglecting it and get it cross-processed. I did absolutely no editing on these photos — this is how they came back from the lab.


7 thoughts on “That time I took a “trip” to New York

  1. That is so cool! The first thing that came to mind when I saw that first picture was, “Wow, that’s an awesome filter!” Will remember this for next New York trip.

    • Thanks, Ren! (And thanks for stopping by + commenting!) I couldn’t believe how weird and over-saturated the photos were when I got them back. Turns out there was a whole world of photo manipulation long before Instagram! ;)

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