SPÖKA: The ghost with the most!

Since I started my blog with the intention of writing about all things art, design, and aesthetically pleasing, I figure that it must be appropriate to write a small homage to a new friend of mine that I picked up at IKEA this past weekend.


His official name is Spöka and I found him in the Kids’ section. He’s a rechargeable nightlight in the shape of an adorable ghost! He comes in three colours: blue, red, and green. Although red is my favourite colour, I opted for the blue one since he was the very cutest. I like design that’s not just functional, but creative and good looking as well.


Although IKEA is not to everyone’s taste, it’s one of my favourite places to spend a free afternoon. I love interior design and home decor! Strolling through the showrooms, I imagine what my future home will look like. I enjoy the mix of classy, kitschy, and downright tacky items for sale. I also find it amusing how design trends, much like everything else, are cyclical. When I was younger, I always used to make fun of a rather hideous lamp in my grandparents’ house that looked like it came right out of the ’60s or ’70s… that is, until I saw IKEA selling it as the “KNAPPA Pendant lamp”. Oops?!

Anyway, back to my new little friend. In the following picture, he comes face to face with one of my favourite artists – Toulouse-Lautrec!


♥ Dara.

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