September “back to school” wallpaper

It’s September already. How did that happen?

Whenever September comes around I feel like it’s “back to school” time even though I haven’t been a student in… let’s just say, a few years. It’s a nice feeling, though, because even though summer’s ending, it feels like a time of new beginnings.

This wallpaper’s a little different from the others, because I hand lettered it! It’s really fun to use your own writing in your designs instead of only using fonts. I’ve been trying out lots of styles so you’ll probably see lots more from me over the next little while! I used a Pentel Color Brush pen, which has a really interesting feel and lots of personality.


Image of September wallpapers

Desktop (2560 x 1440) • Tablet (2048 x 2048) • Mobile (640 x 1136)

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