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Hello, Internets!  Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately.  This September I’m starting graphic design courses, and lately I’ve been practising my skills.  My most recent project was to design a concert poster for The Printing Press for their show on August 22.  I have to admit that I often have trouble pulling random ideas out of the air, so I went with a motif that was close to my heart:  cameras!  I actually don’t own a Diana camera myself, but I like the way they look and the weird, dreamy, crappy-but-cool images that they tend to produce.

Poster 2

Since I was to create a concert poster and not a camera show advertisement, I put a little something, also known as a (bass) guitar, in the camera lens.  I also had fun with the halftone look of the camera.  I’m really interested in learning more about screenprinting, and I’ve always liked the aesthetics of something that’s been printed in overt, visible halftone.  I plan on experimenting with that more in the future, hopefully culminating in learning how to screenprint for reals.  In the meantime, I print my own stuff (t-shirts mostly) by stencilling, and I’ll write more about those projects in an upcoming post.

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