My talk on HTML5 at Ladies Learning Code

This past Saturday (September 24th) I had the pleasure of speaking to the 60 participants signed up for the Ladies Learning Code “HTML & CSS for beginners” workshop about the future of the web.

Ahh, whoops, that’s not the right picture, is it? Let’s try that again. The future of the web!

That’s better. In my lightning talk, I gave a very brief introduction to the awesomeness that is HTML5 (and its friends – most of these things wouldn’t happen without JavaScript, too!). It was fun seeing lots of people get excited about some of the new things they’ll soon be seeing in their browsers. Sadly I couldn’t cover even close to everything, but the advancements I talked about are among some of the most exciting, in my opinion.

If you’re interested (or are one of the attendees who asked for a copy), click here to download my slides (in PDF format).

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