Monthly Wallpaper: August

Hey, it’s the best month of the year! I might be slightly biased because it’s my birthday tomorrow and it’s important to always be biased towards one’s birth month, but it’s also full of nice weather and quietness, and has a relaxed feeling that I really enjoy every year.

Speaking of quietness and relaxation, I seem to have inadvertently slipped into a bit of a blogging/social media hiatus lately. It’s just happened naturally as a combination of putting my head down and working on a bunch of projects at once, as well as just enjoying living life in the offline world. It’s been kind of nice! But I’ll be more active on the Great Interwebs again soon — I have a new series of posts planned about making your front-end development workflow more awesome*, as well as a number of photos that I’m looking forward to sharing.

*I promise, this shiz is totally super exciting if you’re a developer.



Desktop (2560 x 1440) • Tablet (2048 x 2048) • Mobile (640 x 1136)

(They’re sized for a 27″ iMac, a retina iPad, and an iPhone 5, respectively, but they should all work for smaller devices, too.)

Happy August!

P.S. Long before I started making monthly wallpapers, I always had a soft spot for art that references months or seasons. One of my favourites is this song by Simon and Garfunkel:

4 thoughts on “Monthly Wallpaper: August

  1. Just stopped by to wish you a happy birthday :) it’s my birthday today too! had to spread the cheer to a fellow leo :))

    Is there a pink elephant in this month’s wallpaper or thats just me? 0..o. very pretty!

    • Happy belated birthday, Julie! I’m not sure if there’s an elephant in there — maybe it’s like a Rorschach test and it is whatever you think it is!

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