Monthly Wallpaper: April (for real this time)

Yesterday’s monthly wallpaper, while totally gorgeous with its delicate combination of a matzah textured background, a clip art easter bunny, and my very favourite font in neon pink… was an April Fool’s joke. Shocking, right? …right?

Well, never fear, you’re not stuck with that mess. Not that I let you download it anyway, since the “download” links led to everyone’s favourite Youtube video.

Here’s the real thing!



Desktop (2560 x 1440) • Tablet (2048 x 2048) • Mobile (640 x 1136)

(They’re sized for a 27″ iMac, a retina iPad, and an iPhone 5, respectively, but they should all work for smaller devices, too.)

This wallpaper is more on the optimistic side of things, since I just looked out the window and it’s snowing. Snowing. C’mon, weather, get your shit together. April also features one of my very favourite fonts, Memoriam Pro. It’s one of the first fonts I ever bought, though I wasn’t sure at the time what I’d actually use it for. I ended up using it in my own branding so I did find a few good uses for it after all. The illustration is, as usual, from the public domain.


5 thoughts on “Monthly Wallpaper: April (for real this time)

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