Inspiration can be dangerous

I have a confession to make: I’m a complete information junkie. I love reading books and blogs, taking courses, listening to talks, and otherwise acquiring as much information as I can on just about every topic of interest.

This is my bedside table. I am actually in the middle of reading every one of these books, I shit you not.

Inspiration is a big buzzword these days, and for good reason. It’s important to be creatively energized and it’s really great to be able to see beauty and promise in the world around us. There are countless websites and books that are what I like to think of as aspiration porn. They make us want better, more interesting, more beautiful lives.

Inspiration is great, but it can also be dangerous. Why? Because it’s way easier to be inspired and to absorb information than it is to actually do something. It’s easier to think, to read, to plan, and to overanalyze than it is to actually take action and make changes in our lives. This applies to the little things like making that DIY craft project you keep saying you want to try and remembering to floss every day, all the way up to the big things like making major relationship and career changes.

I’m a total information junkie and always will be, but I have to constantly remind myself that although knowledge is power, going one step further and actually taking action is way more important.

Don’t live your life just inside your head. Don’t settle for merely being inspired. Go ahead and take a baby step (or, a big leap, if you prefer) toward building the life you really want to be living.

17 thoughts on “Inspiration can be dangerous

  1. True words right there. Sometimes you’ve gotta step away from Bloglovin’ (the blogs will still be there later!) and go create something. It’s such a happy feeling to be both inspired AND productive.

    • Totally. I think inspiration is a great thing, as long as we’re creating as well! And yes, the blogs will definitely always be there… all 293472394 unread posts (or at least that’s what it feels like any time I step away from Google Reader. haha!)

  2. “Because itโ€™s way easier to be inspired and to absorb information than it is to actually do something.” – I totally agree! Like you, I stock up on books, online resources, Pinterest pins, etc. And when I tell myself I will write or create a new design, I find myself simply moving on to the next inspiration. Not a good thing. Not really. Lol.

    • Well, being self-aware is the first step towards changing that! It’s so tempting to live in your head and just be inspired and think over ideas, because actually doing something can be risky/scary. But it’s also way more rewarding!

  3. Excellent point. I feel like I’m constantly consuming all of this stuff that’s inspiring… books, blog posts, courses, etc… but at the end of the day, I’m just consuming. I’m not really making progress… Sometimes it really is just best to set everything aside and just do!

    • Definitely! I’m realizing that doing, even if it’s imperfect, is better than being so much of a perfectionist that you never actually take action for fear of not getting it right.

    • That’s a great point! It’s easy to be endlessly inspired by other people’s lives, but being inspired by your own life is so much more satisfying.

  4. This is a great reminder! I am so totally an information junkie too (there should be a support group! hehe) so I can definitely see myself getting overwhelmed and over stimulated pretty easily. Learn all the things but make sure to take some time to actually DO some of the things too! :)

  5. I love this post! I’ve been consuming so much information lately, made a plunge, then found myself stepping back. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m stalled, this makes perfect sense. Thank you for the insights. Sometimes you just need a different way of thinking about the problem in order to find the solution.

  6. Oh my gosh, I really suffer from this! I have so many blogs in my Google Reader and then I am addicted to Tumblr and I cant start my day until I have scrolled to the last seen post from the night before… That can take two hours sometimes… I work from home so I am staring at my laptop for around 12 hours a day, reading. Reading and reading. And I have SO many books in piles around my house that Ive started but then I get distracted by the internet… This doesnt include my iPad Kindle app…. Or the 500 or so books and ebooks in my Amazon wishlist… I wish I could speed read because Im sure Id get a lot more done!

    And yes, sometimes I have to force myself to go outside into the world and actually experience it!

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