Happy March! Let’s celebrate with a new wallpaper.

Hey, friend! Are you as happy about it being March as I am? If you live in a place with cold weather like I do, I’m guessing your answer is yes.

February started out great for me, but then it abruptly turned around. I started the month off with a week in Florida visiting my parents who are there this winter, and it exactly what you’d expect: warm, sunny, and relaxing. Then I came back to Toronto, where we experienced our coldest month in recorded history, and I and promptly got sick and stayed sick for almost the whole month.
Thanks, winter! <3 <3 <3

Before / After

Before / After

As for this month’s wallpaper, I departed from my usual theme of botanical goodness and ventured into (stylized) space instead. I’m sure you can easily make the March-Mars connection, especially if you speak French and/or know that both the month and the planet are named after the same Roman god. I’m enjoying this second year of monthly wallpaper making because it’s a great opportunity to branch out into different styles that I didn’t try the first time around. Speaking of which, if you’d like to check out my first March wallpaper, you can do so here.

Image of February wallpapers


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Happy almost spring!

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