It’s February! Time for a new wallpaper!

Hi! Can you believe that January is already over and we’re already one month into 2015?! I’ve just about stopped writing 2014 on cheques and forms now, so that’s something.

I find this time if the year to be even more interesting than early January in some ways, because all the new year’s excitement has settled down and most of us are back into our usual routines. And now that we’re back in the swing of things, how does the day-to-day in 2015 differ from last year?

As for me, I’m definitely operating a little differently this year than I did last year. For one, I’m investing much more time and energy back into my business than I did last year (where I mostly focused on client work alone). I recently enrolled in Digital Strategy School (which has been great so far!) and just I took a fantastic web content writing workshop at Camp Tech this past weekend, which was super eye-opening and will probably lead to a full overhaul of my entire website. No big deal.

I’ve also been sticking to my one small new year’s resolution — to go outside and walk every single day. I made my one resolution super manageable, and lo and behold, I’ve actually stuck to it. Those of you who commute to a work space or live in a warm climate might think that it’s weird/sad to have to force yourself outside, but when you work from home and live in a place where winter is the worst, it’s not exactly enticing. However, I really believe that you can only be successful in your work and in helping other people if you take care of yourself, so that’s what I’m doing!

Oh, wait, were you here for the wallpapers?

Okay, okay, here they are!

Image of February wallpapers


Desktop (2560 x 1440) • Tablet (2048 x 2048) • Mobile (640 x 1136)

And how about you? I’d love to hear how January treated you and how your 2015 is going so far! Feel free to tell me here or on Twitter.

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